Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Green Light

Since my last post, I got the green light from multiple doctors that my JRA was still being well controlled on the Enbrel since my medication change in January. Hooray! The 6 month waiting period after stopping my methotrexate was a lot more emotionally and psychologically challenging than I had anticipated. I was cautiously optimistic when I removed the final "barrier" (my IUD) in May. However, like all aspects of my life, there was a minor set-back when I was tested for immunity to various diseases and had to be re-vaccinated. Read more about that experience on my other blog here. Fortunately, it was resolved quickly and I still have "The Green Light."

A lot of women are anxious and excited to get pregnant quickly once they have started planning. However, given the fast that I have patiently waited 6 months while changing medicines and dealt with increased pain during that period, I am even more impatient then usual! Luckily, there are apps for that! After a few minor set-backs including cutting my hand pretty severely, I was pretty anxious to start trying. I downloaded and uninstalled a ton of phone apps to help track my cycle (considering I hadn't had a period in over 4 years, it was pretty much a shot in the dark). I finally settled on the Ovia fertility application. It is organized, clear, and had helpful articles that actually taught me new information. I also like that although there is a social, community aspect, it is pretty minor and easy to avoid (listening to other people's negative experiences just make me more stressed!)

I also bought about 50 ovulation test strips on amazon for about $10.00. There are no frills about them, they are basically litmus paper strips, but that is honestly what the $50.00 ovulation test kits are anyways, just in fancier packaging. I would highly recommending going this route.

And that brings us just about up to date to where I am now! I will try to continually update as I go through this journey..

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