My Trying to Conceive Timeline

September 2013: Stopped Leflunomide and started Methotrexate, knowing it requires about 2 years for Leflunomide to naturally leave your body for a safe pregnancy.

December 2013: Got engaged! Hooray!

October 5th 2014: Our wedding day! Hooray!

December 2014: Met with my Rheumatologist and began discussing plan to start trying to get pregnant. Discussed stopping Cellcept and Methotrexate and starting Enbrel for 3-6 months to find the "right" and safe for pregnancy treatment regiment to be on while trying to conceive or being pregnant.

December 29th, 2014: My 28th birthday and my first day switching from Cellcept/Methotrexate to Enbrel.

January 2015: Had initial consult with High-Risk OB. Agreed with plan by rheumatologist. Not as concerned about 3-6 month timeline and discussed medication options when I got pregnant.

May 2015: Removed IUD. Let's do this!

September 2015: Switched health insurances due to new job and found out my pharmacy had been providing me with the pediatric dose of Enbrel since January 2015.

October 2015: My Uveitis flared. Increased steroid eye drops for a month.

November 2015: Uveitis back under control, begin tapering eye drops back to pre-flare dosages.

December 2015: Met with fertility specialist after 7 months of trying. Begin initial blood work and fertility testing. Scheduled for HSG after next cycle started.

January 1, 2016: Positive Pregnancy Test! Thrilled!

January 5 and 12, 2016: Positive HCG levels.

January 29, 2016: 7 week ultrasound follow-up by fertility clinic. Embryo measured 7 weeks but no heartbeat. Determined a missed miscarriage. Devastated.

February 5, 2016: D and E procedure done at the hospital.

March 2016: Hysteroscopy #1 finds retained tissue-needs to have second surgery to remove it. Ultrasound day before the scheduled surgery, finds tissue no longer there. Follow-up hysteroscopy #2 finds ultrasound missed retained tissue. Waiting for procedure to remove it.

May 2016: Hysteroscopy #3 to remove retained tissue. IVF approved via insurance. All systems go!

June 2016: Begin birth control pills for IVF #1

July 2016: IVF retrieval and transfer

August 2016: Positive pregnancy test!

September 2016: Heartbeat confirmed!

Fall 2016: Clear nuchal translucency ultrasound and fetal anomoly scans! Due date end of March 2017!

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