Monday, August 31, 2015

The Trying To Conceive Chemistry Experiment

When trying to get pregnant, it is very easy to get sucked into the "TTC" world. Full of confusing acronyms, countless gadgets and endless stick peeing. I promised myself that I would not "be one of those women" whose whole life becomes focused on charting their temperatures and getting pregnant. However, this is a lot easier said then done. After two one unsuccessful cycle, I began turning the whole process into a chemistry experiment, anxious to quickly become pregnant while my JRA continues to be under control. I used more ovulation predictor strips then I care to confess to and dutifully charted every symptom that could possibly mean anything on my fertility app on my phone. However, this whole experience quickly takes the romance, spontaneity and fun out of the whole process. Having to drop everything and "get to it" as soon as the ovulation predictor strip turns positive, can quickly make having sex a chore. 

Of course having JRA, adds additional pressure to trying to conceive. I started this journey last January when I began to wean off my current medical treatment for 6 months and add safer medications to my regiment. Every minor ache and pain I have received since starting this process, has caused me to spiral into anxiety about whether this is a start of a flare that will further delay my family plans. Fortunately, I have been very lucky so far (knock on wood!) I have found some support in fellow RA bloggers stories about their journeys to parenthood as well as a facebook group for mothers with RA. The two week wait continues to seem agonizingly long as I continue on this journey but I am optimistic that will be an announcement soon...


  1. Hey this is Jennifer! I hope things are going well on your journey! My husband and I are on month 2 of TTC. I thought I was going to die during my first 2 week wait.. probably went through half a dozen pregnancy tests in my anxiousness, then my period came. Womp! In the middle of month 2 now so we will see how this one goes. So far my JRA is doing great right now; I haven't taken so much as an advil in over 2 months so I'm so hoping I get pregnant very soon while things are so great!

  2. Hello Jennifer,

    Thank you for commenting! Good luck on your journey! It definitely is very anxiety provoking the first few months. It was more mentally and emotionally challenging for me then physically. However, once I realized my JRA continued to be stable, it lessened some of the nervousness. I bought 20 pregnancy tests online for very cheap (Wondfo)! It is a life saver and now I don't care about testing all the time.